Professional Computer Consultancy.

Easy and Affordable & Professional Computer Consultancy and support for home or work. With over twenty years of I.T experience in all fields, we help bring your business it's 'A' game edge to get ahead and STAY ahead of the competition.

We specialise in Linux platforms as well as Windows platforms to ensure your business I.T. needs are met!
  • Consultancy
  • Bare Metal Installations
  • Linux Server Customizations
  • Windows Server Customizations
  • Training/Tuition
  • System Upgrades
  • Security
  • Computer and Component Sales
  • IP Phone Solutions
  • Virus Removals
  • Data Recovery
  • Database Design
  • Customized Dynamic Web Design
  • Network Designs and Infrastructure
  • Cloud infrastructure - Setup and Support
We even offer customized support solutions to our clients such as mail relays as well as notification services and custom designed cloud based service solutions.

Service Specializations.

BASH, Powershell, DHCP, DNS, POSTFIX, BIND, Dovecot, SSH, mySQL, msSQL, Apache, PHP7, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Samba/Cifs, NIS, FTP, LDAP, DOS, libVirt, Dosemu, QEmu, msAccess, visualBasic, visualPascal, CalDAV, CardDAV.

Just to name a few.

General Email Services Ports and Address.

We use a Microsoft Exchange compatible service for our mail, allowing you to sync everything with your phone using Active-sync. To connect your phone in exchange/active sync mode you may have to take some manual steps. Start by creating a new mailbox and selecting "Microsoft Exchange/Active-sync." as the connector. Then your user name as your FULL address. i.e. then your password. if at any time it has difficulty connecting or asks for more information just refer to the table below.

mail server address   :
imap port             : 143 (StartTLS/TTL) or 993 (SSL) AUTH REQUIRED
smtp address          :
smtp port             : 587 (StartTLS/TTL) AUTH REQUIRED
authentication        : required in the form of plain username@domain
password              : required in the form of plain auth

CTS Postman Services.

We offer to our select clients a "SECURE UNRESTRICTED OUTBOUND SMTP SERVICE" we like to call.. the CTS Postman Service. Designed specifically for sending mail only. This can aid in situations where outbound mail restrictions on your local network may prevent you from sending mail correctly or at all.
smtp address          :
smtp port             : 25 (StartTLS/TTL) AUTH REQUIRED                            

Change your password!

You can change your password by clicking here, or by logging in to mail and clicking on the Change password under the OPTIONS button